Applecross Inn

Applecross Inn by Clement Design

"We recently refreshed the rooms of the famous Applecross Inn."

Applecross Inn by Clement Design

The Applecross Inn is on many a 'bucket list' to visit and it was on our bucket list to decorate.

Tery recently refreshed the Inn's lovely sea-view rooms. Each room is different, all complimenting the views with fresh colours and Clement Design wallpapers. Hand-printed and hand-made blinds and lampshades combine with bespoke tartan and motif-print cushions to add a fresh look to an historic Applecross institution.


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Applecross Bay Mural


Waves/Birds Wallpaper

Deer Wallpaper

Thistle Wallpaper

Bracken Wallpaper

Bespoke Bluebells Lampshade


Bespoke Tartan Lampshade

Bespoke Sand Beach Blinds

Bespoke Deer Cushion

Bespoke Thistle Blinds