Clachan B&B

"Luxury B&B with Modern Scottish Highland style"

Designed by Tery and renovated by McCowan Joinery, the annex of Clachan Manse has been transformed into 2 beautiful double rooms offered as a luxury, boutique bed & breakfast.

Starting from a derelict annex owned by the Applecross Trust, Tery envisioned each room with its own unique theme based on her modern highland designs. Not only are the rooms cosy and beautiful, but also showcase Tery's interior design skills, applying her screen printing techniques to the coordinated feel of the rooms.

Each piece of the room is meticulously planned, coordinated and paired with local artisans' works.



The Highland Coo Room


Warm and whimsical, the Highland Coo (Cow) is the unofficial symbol of the Scottish Highlands. Tery brings the motif into the room with wallpaper, blinds and cushions.


Warm natural Hessian with contrasting Isle of Skye Paint colours Loch Bay and Lealt Falls create a space that is inviting and whimsical.


Highland Coo Wallpaper


Highland Coo Roman Shades

Highland Coo Linen Cushion

Highland Coo Mug

Isle of Skye Paints
Lealt Falls

The Thistle Room


The official symbol of Scotland, the Thistle Room is warm and sophisticated with the Thistle repeat wallpaper, blinds and cushions.


A lovely dusky lilac colour by Isle of Skye Paint for the walls complements the muted thistle pattern of the wallpaper.


Thistle Wallpaper


Thistle Lampshade

Thistle Blinds

Thistle Rectangle Cushion

Isle of Skye Paints
Snizort Seathrift

The Breakfast Room

Decorated in Slate Deer repeat on White wallpaper and featuring art by local artists and crafts from local producers, the Breakfast Room is a lovely, sunny space with a beautiful, cosy fire.

Deer wallpaper, lampshade and cushions.


Deer Wallpaper


Deer Lampshade

Deer Teapot

Deer Coasters

Deer Tea Mug